In This Episode – The Mrs.’s Andra Liemandt

The Mrs. drummer Andra Liemandt co-founded the pop band formed by a group of moms who have been on a mission to promote self-love and empowerment since 2013. That mission and a powerful music video featuring a magic mirror earned national recognition on Good Morning America and the Queen Latifah Show. All in spite of record labels saying “no” to their music based on ageism rather than merit. Here she is… drummer, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and the woman who will build you up, buttercup!

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In this episode, Andra Liemandt talks:

— Facing vulnerability during the global pandemic
— How Liemandt personally experienced blatant ageism in the music industry, and worked around it
— How her dance background contributed to her musical talents
— Why she founded Kindness Campaign, focusing on youth’s mental health

And, of course, Liemandt answers “The Shakedown” questions!

Show Notes


— “The Fight” written and performed by The Mrs.
— Guest: Andra Liemandt, drummer for The Mrs.
— Host: Thea Wood
— Production: Podcast Engineers
— Voiceover: Cathryn Wood

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Andra Liemandt / The Mrs. Links

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“The Magic Mirror” wants to know how YOU see yourself. Grab a tissue! Concept is basis for the song “Enough”


“The Fight”


“Hurricane” is the latest single.


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