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Terri Nunn is the lead singer of Berlin, which many remember from the height of MTV music video days as the sexy trio who brought us “The Metro,” “Sex,” and their runaway Top Gun soundtrack anthem “Take My Breath Away.” The track earned them an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

Here we are 40 years and 8 albums later, and the band introduced their newest album titled “Strings Attached” featuring the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra re-visiting the band’s most iconic tunes. In early 2021, host Thea Wood conducted this remote interview with Terri Nunn.

In this chat, Terri Nunn covers:

— The change in mindset that set her free to be happier and take more risks
— Getting the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to sex it up a bit (tell us if you think it worked)
— Recording a video in an active dungeon with a “big reveal” at the end
— Discussing the sexual nature of her art with her kids
— The most memorable words her mother shared before passing on from cancer
— Her life-long fear of people and fear of “losing it all”

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Show Notes


Guest: Terri Nunn of Berlin
Host: Thea Wood
Engineering/Production: Shea Carothers
Photo credit: Marc Green
Song: “Now It’s My Turn” from album “Strings Attached” featuring the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Written by John Buckner Crawford

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Guest Links – Terri Nunn

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“Now It’s My Turn” Berlin

“Animal” Berlin

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