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Susan Rogers is a professor at Berklee College of Music who broke gender norms by becoming one of the few female audio engineers in the 1980s. Susan Rogers’ chat was so informative that we split it into two episodes. This is Part 2, where Susan talks about

* Her teachings and research at Berklee College of Music.

* The differences in working with men and women * What happens to your career when your “eggs” are about to expire

* How women and men are physically and psychologically impacted differently (and sometimes the same!) by music, and the conscious decisions artists/engineers/producers make as a result.

* She also answers audience questions! .

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Show Notes

This episode was recorded remotely using Zoom.


Host: Thea Wood
Production: Thea Wood
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood

Photo credits:

  • Headshot — Jandro Cisneros
  • Sign o’ the Times tour, 1987 — Ruud Schouten
  • Odds, Vancouver, 1991 — Doug Elliott
  • In New Zealand
  • Red Bull Music Academy, 2016

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