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Maggie Szabo is a Canadian immigrant who’s tackling feminine stereotypes, social injustice, and cellulite with lipstick in hand. Her pop music sensibilities poke fun at pop culture while redefining it for the next generation. We think she’s spot on… and 100% “worth the weight!”

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In this episode, Maggie covers:

-Making the music video “I Don’t Need You” during COVID (and who is the hot guy who wants his lipstick back?)

-Landing the theme song for BET series Tyler Perry’s Sistas

-Her path to championing transgender youth

-Body shaming and facing the loaded question: “Is pop music ready for STRONG to be the new SEXY?”

And, of course, Maggie’s answers to The Shakedown!

Show Notes


Guest: Maggie Szabo
“I Don’t Need You” songwriters Maggie Szabo | Hayes Kramer | Rob Russell | Sam Hanson and produced by Sam Hanson
Host:  Thea Wood
Produced and edited by: Thea Wood 
Social Media coordinator: Eleanor Bush
Intern: Yaritza Torres
Theme music: Pond5

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Guest Links

Maggie’s Website

Listen to Maggie on Spotify


“Worth The Weight” official lyric video

“I Don’t Need You” official music video

“Don’t Give Up” live performance ft. The Trans Chorus of LA

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