In This Episode: Katie Daryl

Katie Daryl is AXS TV’s modern-day VJ — hosting and producing shows like Top 10 Revealed, Rock & Tell, and The World’s Greatest Tribute bands (for which she won the CableFAX Program Award for “Best Host – Music” in 2017. Katie’s youthful passion led her up the broadcasting ladder and into a chance opportunity to work for Mark Cuban. Katie reveals her own highlights in this episode!

Katie Daryl covers:

    • What does the TV show producer do behind the scenes?
    • The most memorable thing a celebrity showed her on AXS TV series “Rock & Tell.”
    • How she snagged a job from another host.
    • A valuable lesson her billionaire boss Mark Cuban taught her (and why you may not want to be his landlord).

Show Notes


Guest: Katie Daryl
Host: Thea Wood
Production/voiceover: Chloe Brown & Yuxuan Shi
Theme song: Pond 5
Photo Credit: Stewart Volland of AXS TV

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In the episode, Katie talks about the most memorable item a guest showed on Rock & Tell.




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