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As a practitioner of the Blues, Karma Mayet describes her sound as “equal parts funk and glitter, cornbread and molasses.” Born in Chicago, the composer and performer has traveled the globe, collaborating with the likes of Meshell Ndegeocello, Lizz Wright, Vernon Reid, and The Roots. Karma has developed her own unique practice called Rootsong, which combines yogic healing with the power of voice.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Karma Mayet covers:

  • Why she wept the first time she went to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival
  • Building a career as a strong, independent artist and paying the bills
  • The historic role black women like blues artist Bessie Smith played in founding the music industry
  • How the voice can be used as a medicine and tonic for inner healing
  • The power of forgiveness and accountability when collaborating with fellow artists


Host and producer: Eleanor Bennett
Executive Producer: Thea Wood
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood
Photograph by Karl Ferguson Jr.

“You Ain’t Changed,” “September Song” and “Woman” by Karma Mayet.

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Web site: Karma Mayet and Rootsong

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Karma Mayet “September Song”

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