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Kalie Shorr lands in Nashville where the realities of life and the music scene change her values and songwriting in unexpected ways. If you missed the prequel episode titled “Kalie Shorr: How She Became An Open Book,” LISTEN HERE.

In the conclusive deep dive chat with Kalie, she covers:

— Discovering discrimination in the Nashville music scene

— Using age as a power play

— Putting sisters before misters

— What feminists DON’T do to each other

— The smart way to write a song about someone who has wronged you

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Show Notes


Guest: Kalie Shorr
Host/Production: Thea Wood
Intern: Alyssa Viernes
Song: “Escape” written by Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter, from the album Open Book
Theme Music provider: Pond 5

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Guest Links

Kalie’s Website


“Escape” by Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter



“Too Much To Say”


“Awake (Pop mix)” Kalie Shorr ft. Jonny Brenns

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