In This Episode

While Jan Bozarth has seen much success in her music career, you won’t see her headlining festivals or getting into twitter wars with public personalities.  You see, Jan is a living testament to how creating and licensing music for commercial products and brands can provide a successful career in the arts. Back in the day, she may have been called a sellout.  Today, she’s considered a business-minded artist. 

Jan is also a breast cancer survivor. We dedicate this episode to all women (and their loved ones) who are fighting or have fought this disease.  

Show Notes

In this episode, Jan Bozarth chats about:

    • Why “selling out” is no longer relevant
    • Key success factors to controlling your career
    • How surviving Stage 3 breast cancer affected her creativity and priorities
    • The story behind “True Love Train”


Host: Thea Wood
Production: Allyson Holley
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood

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