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The healing power of music is real, and leading researcher/music therapist Hope Young is on the cutting edge of breakthroughs in treating chronic disease, autism, ADHD, and mental illness. Young discusses the science behind music therapy and the successes she has witnessed.  

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Show Notes

Hope Young has treated patients with various ailments for over 30 years and shares her stories of hope for those who previously had none. Trigger warning: chronic disease, mental illness, and suicide are all discussed in this episode. If you are experiencing any health issues or suicidal thoughts, please contact your healthcare provider immediately.

In this episode,  you’ll hear:

  • How music affects the brain differently than other forms of stimulation
  • An example of music that helps Cerebral Palsy and Parkinsons patients walk with ease
  • Treating ADHD and Autistic kids with music
  • Combining artificial intelligence with music for anytime-anywhere relief

Plus Hope’s answers to The Shakedown!


Guest: Hope Young
Host and producer: Thea Wood
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood

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Guest Links

Web site: CenterforMusicTherapy.com

How The Movement Tracks Project Works

Hope Young brings her work to Japan. 

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