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Born and raised in San Francisco Bay area, Holly Bowling started playing piano at age 5 and captivates audiences with her solo tours as well as her latest tour with the band Ghostlight, in support of their record “Best Kept Secrets.”  Recorded at Antone’s in Austin, TX.

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Show Notes

You’ll hear Holly Bowling chat about:

— The unconventional approach Ghostlight took to recording the album

— What it was like playing with two of her musical idols

— Late night musical meditations (her best kept musical secret)

— The most influential woman in her musical career


Host: Thea Wood
Production: Allyson Holley
Photos: Ace Cool
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood
Venue: Antone’s, ATX

Disclaimer: Opinions of show guests are not necessarily those of Herizon Music Foundation, Inc. or its employees, volunteers, officers/directors, or contractors.

Guest Links

Holly Bowling Website

Ghostlight Website

Buy Ghostlight’s music on iTunes or Google Play Music

Listen Ghostlight’s album Best Kept Secrets on Spotify.


Watch Holly Bowling performing with Ghostlight in Atlanta, GA 2018.
Video by Guilty Peach Productions & Stapozi Creations. Audio matrix by Stapozi Creations and Z-Man.

Watch Holly Bowling perform “Eyes of the World” as transcribed note-for-note from the Grateful Dead’s June 18, 1974 performance at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. Audio and video recorded and edited by: Jake Alexander http://creativesf.com/

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