In This Episode – Denise Parent of Brown Eyed Women

Denise Parent is the drummer and vocalist for the first all-female Grateful Dead tribute band. And we say “It’s about time!” Thanks to an introduction through David Ganz of The Grateful Dead Hour, host Thea Wood caught up with Parent for this remote interview. Parent covers a lot of ground, so pop in your earbuds and let’s get started with The Shakedown!

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In this episode, Denise Parent talks:

– The historic night of her first all-female Dead cover band show
– How maturity has changed her approach toward drumming
– The joke she played on an unwitting fan (he was a good sport about it!)
– The “4 Agreements” – and why they’ve always stuck with her
– Different styles of how men and women communicate
– Advice to young women wanting to enter the music biz

And, of course, Parent answers “The Shakedown” questions!

Show Notes


— Guest: Denise Parent, drummer for Brown Eyed Women
— Host: Thea Wood
— Photo credits: David Gans (band photo), Dino Perrucci (Denise Parent & drumkit)
— Production: Podcast Engineers
— Social Media Coordinator: Eleanor Bush
— Voiceover: Cathryn Wood

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