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Born Suzannah Powell, singer/songwriter Boyfriend is a Nashville native who is spreading her storytelling wings in New Orleans as the original rap cabaret artist. Her love of musical theater translates to a burlesque style live show complete with vintage lingerie, big ass hair rollers, and the occasional food fight.  

We’d like to thank our friends at The Ritz Carlton New Orleans for supporting the Backstage Chats Foundation and hosting our interview in the world famous French Quarter.


Show Notes

In this episode, Boyfriend chats about:

  • Reconciling her rap cabaret art with her conservative christian upbringing
  • Experiencing imposter syndrome
  • Hairy armpits & beauty ideals
  • The problem with social media


Host: Thea Wood
Production: Allyson Holley
Photos: Ace Cool
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood
Venue: Ritz Carlton New Orleans

Photographer credits:
NEXT Album Art: Jabari Jacobs
Love Your Boyfriend Album Art: Daniel Cavanaugh
Headshot: Jason Kruppa
Live Marie Antoinette w/ Ense: Lenore Seal
Preservation Halloween: Michael Alford
Crowd-surfing: Robert Ho
Chat photos: Ace Cool

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Guest Links

Boyfriend Website

Buy Boyfriend’s music on iTunes or Google Play Music

Listen to Boyfriend on Spotify


Watch Boyfriend’s “Attention” video.
Directed by Xia Magnus
Director of Photography – Zac Manuel of The Greenhouse Collective
Track produced by Sexparty
I’m Your Boyfriend Productions

Get a teaser of Boyfriend’s live show. Recorded at The Joy Theater in New Orleans.

Don’t miss Boyfriend’s unexpected collaboration with Galactic “Bring It To Mama”
Released on: 2019-05-17
Composer Lyricist: Ben Ellman
Composer Lyricist: Robert Mercurio
Lyricist: Suzannah Powell
Composer Lyricist: Suzannah Powell

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