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Ep 28: Blanca Cecilia Gonzalez is the epitome of realizing the American Dream. Her tale of immigrating from Columbia to the United States and rising to become the concert master multiple times at Carnegie Hall will warm your heart.

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In this episode, Blanca covers:

— What it was like adapting to her new life in New York at the tender age of four.
— The “Suzuki Method” of learning to play an instruments
— Playing Carnegie Hall for the first time
— Why she was told not to wear shoes to a blind audition
— Playing with the all-female, GRAMMY winning mariachi band Flor de Toloache
— The advantages of collaborating and touring with her husband and their project “1 in 2.”

And, of course, Blanca’s answers to The Shakedown!

Show Notes


Guest: Blanca Gonzalez
Host:  Thea Wood
Produced and edited by: Thea Wood and John Neff 
Intern / Social Media Coordinator: Claudia Dortman
Theme music: Pond5

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Guest Links

Blanca’s Website

Blanca’s bilingual kid’s learning channel Musiquita


“Pueblito Viejo” Featuring Blanca Gonzalez and Nilko Andreas


“1in2 Happy New Year Concert” featuring Blanca Gonzalez and Jesse Elder


“Tzigane” Blanca Gonzalez


Blanca and her husband Jesse Elder perform “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles for their new learning channel Musiquita.

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Transcription for Episode


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