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Ali Dineen is a singer-songwriter and musician based in New York City. She’s performed her original music from the American folk tradition at the Savannah Music Festival, the American Folk Art Museum, and the Brooklyn Folk Festival, just to name a few. Ali was recently awarded a Helene Wurlitzer Foundation residency in Taos, New Mexico, where she’s spending the winter working on her next creative endeavor.

Ali’s lyrics have been described as poetic and deeply personal. When talking about her new EP, Hold On, she said, “This album grew out of personal heartbreak, and the feeling of a collective heartbreak as we’ve watched the world descend farther into fascism and irreversible climate catastrophe…” So, is hopeful resilience our salvation? That and, perhaps musical immersion in Ali’s message.  

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Show Notes

In this episode, Ali Dineen covers:

  • How leaving a hand-written note on a stranger’s door led her to a lifelong friend and mentor
  • Intersections between her own music and the larger histories of the American folk tradition
  • Why her personal encounters with pain and grief have allowed her to know joy
  • Paying homage to folk traditions and spirituals from the US, the oldest of which were created by black people suffering under slavery and terrible oppression


Host and producer: Eleanor Bennett
Executive Producer: Thea Wood
Voiceover: Cathryn Wood
“Hold On” and “Prayer” by Ali Dineen
Photo by by Alexis Lim
Styling by Athena Zammit
Album art by Ali Dineen

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Guest Links

Web site: Ali Dineen
Buy Ali’s music on iTunes

Ali Dineen’s song “Hold On”

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